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How can a possession of 5 OXYCODNE turn into a New Legend Drug Charge?

Ormond Beach, FL |

What is this New Legend Drug Charge? I have never heard of it. Is this charge to be considered a misdemeanor or felony charge? I am sorry i really do not know the full story behind the question. I just know that they went in for possession of oxy and ended up with a charge of new legend. (so What is a NEW LEGEND CHARGE) have the court system and the law system all of a sudden got bored and came up with something else they can charge people. I sometime go to court to learn but this one was a newbie on me. Thanks again for your help on this. Seriously need to know what it means. Thank You

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the only thing that I can see to fit your limited facts is Fl Stat 893.0356 which is the control of a controlled substance analog. This is a substance designed to mimic the effects of a controlled substance and may apply to your facts if the substance was tested and found not to be oxycodone but a counterfiet mimicing its effects and are treated as a schedule 1 drug


Apparently, the term "legend drug" can refer to any prescription medication. In the State of Washington, RCW 69.41.010 (12) defines "Legend drugs" as meaning any drugs which are required by state law or regulation of the state board of pharmacy to be dispensed on prescription only or are restricted to use by practitioners only. There are, of course, federal statutes defining "controlled substances" which include prescription medications.