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How can a Humanitarian Parole Alien recently in removal proceeding pay child support in Connecticut ?

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I am an Alien who entered legally the U.S.A with an I-94 Humanitarian Parole.

I have a child from a previous marriage who is a U.S. Citizen

I entered a divorce agreement with my ex-wife in CT to share custody of the child, plus a weekly child support of $120 to be payed by me to Ex-wife.

Recently and 3 month before my I-94 and work authorization expired I reported to I.C.E. to renew my I-94,however, I.C.E. informed me that they no more renew I-94 and placed me in removal proceedings.

Now my work authorization expired, my I-94 and my employment.
My court is scheduled 8 month from today.
I can not pay $120 a week. What happens if my ex-wife files a complain regarding child support.? what Legal Aid available ?Can I withdraw social security?

I live away in TN.

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Your wife can not force you t pay child support under the circumstances. If she is collecting the support through the state you need to contact the agency and let them know your circumstances
You are not entitled to public assistance. However there are non profit organizations that may assist you. Contact Catholic Family Services, Lutheran Social Services, your local law school may have a clinic, Legal Aid.


If you are low income go here: or

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