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How can a girlfreind get a Danco order dropped by the court?

Wabasha, MN |

It is the 3rd one in ten.. on the same women.. it is still pending.. it is also by strangulation.. but it never happened.. she wants to be with him still.. she still loves him.. they have a child together.. and it is going to pre trial this month and trial next month.. wat should she do?

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Attorney answers 2


The girlfriend can make a motion to have the DANCO removed. It is up to the judge to determine whether the order should stay in place. Given the history in this case, and the nature of the alleged conduct, I doubt a judge would remove the DANCO.

A judge may lift the DANCO if for example the defendant was participating in domestic abuse counseling or anger management.

Also, if the defendant doesn't already have one, he needs a lawyer. Domestic assault by strangulation is a serious felony.


Only the judge can remove the DANCO, which given the fact that this is a third offense, that may not be likely. The boyfriend should speak with an attorney, whether its a public defender or a private attorney. There are often many defenses in domestic assault cases, but its best to hire an attorney early to give him/her the most time to prepare the defenses and possibly negotiate with the prosecutor.

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