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How can a dismissed DVPO be used in my criminal defense?

Chapel Hill, NC |

A DVPO was filed against me but was dismissed by the Judge based on the grounds of insufficient evidence that I was the perpetrator of the crime. Approximately 2 weeks later however, I was charged criminally for the same exact things that were alleged in the DVPO. How will the fact that the case, based on the same exact allegations, was dismissed in civil court help me in criminal court?

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Several of us have answered the question as best as it can be answered. Speak to your attorney.


A DVPO is civil in nature and the burden of proof is much lower in a civil matter than in a criminal case, so that seems to favor a positive disposition in criminal court. However, the evidence presented in the civil case may not be the same in your criminal case (maybe a witness will appear that wasn't present before?). Hire counsel and provide them with as much detail surrounding your situation as you are able. Best of luck.

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