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How can a civil court pretrial conference be adjourned?

Babylon, NY |

I answered a civil court Creditor summons and a pretrial conference was scheduled by the Suffolk County district court clerk's office. I am researching the adjournment process for a civil court pretrial conference.

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Your best bet is to get your own attorney. Otherwise you should contact the other attorney and see if they will consent and stipulate to an adjournment. Then the court must be advised of the request.


You can contact the creditor's attorney and ask if they will agree to an adjournment, and then notify the court. Naturally, you'd be better off by simply having an attorney of your own.


Why do you want the adjournment? Generally you need the consent of the other side and to prepare a stipulation. If the other side thinks you are just stalling they won't consent. You can also try writing to the Judge being sure to copy the other side too.

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