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How can a Canadian open up a business in the US?

Seattle, WA |

I'm a Canadian and I have been working in the US for a last a few years on a work visa. I have been thinking about opening up my own business (or self-employing). How should I proceed?

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One possibility, if you have access to sufficient assets, would be to seek an E-1 (treaty trader) or E-2 (treaty investor) visa - Canadians are eligible for both visas.

The first option allows the individual the opportunity to conduct business between the home country and the US, and the second option would allow the individual to start and run a business - in a managerial capacity - where he or she had invested a sufficient amount of money.


As the previous answer stated, your best bet for opening a small business is an E-2 visa.


An E-2 visa is probably your best bet. Be careful about the amount of your investment. It cannot be a small amount. You will have problems if the investment amount for the business you are opening is not proper in the eye of the officer.