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How can I change the date of my state mediation ?

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What is the procedure for changing the date of my state mediation?

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The first step is to speak with the opposing side and see if they agree to reschedule mediation. If there is an agreement, you can call the mediation office and request to reschedule. If the other side does not agree, you will need to call the mediation office and request a change based on an important need, ex. Medical need. Good luck, mediation is an excellent tool to resolve issues between the parties.

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If you are represented by counsel, follow his or her advice. If the Mediation is court ordered by a certain date and rescheduling will violate the court Order, then you will need an Order extending the deadline for good cause.

Please share the type of case being mediated and the reason you need to reschedule it. I may be able to give you better insight as both a former trial lawyer and current Board Certified Circuit Civil Mediator. Contact me via email or telephone, both listed in my Avvo profile.


Get the opposing side approval and contact the mediator to reschedule.

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