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How bad is my penalty besides the $25 fine? Do I really need real state attorney?

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Hi, My name is Pablo. I recently go a ticket of possessing an open container in the passenger area. AT Saturday 4:49 AM. Me and my friends were heading toward home and my friend got lost because our cell phones were dead and could not locate where we were. Occasionally, my friend stop on a resident area to try to figure it out how we could go home. While I was waiting, I fall sleep at the time because I was tired. Then a police came and got as all of the car. And there he pull us over and start searching the car and found a open container of vodka. he let us all go just with a ticket that said "Possessing and open container in passenger area and officer observed Pablo was passed out in the backseat with a bottle of absolute vodka...By the way, I have to show up to court.
Thank you.

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You were cited under Criminal Law code 10-125. The penalty for a citation under this section is up to a $25 fine and court costs of $5. The State still must prove your guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. You could hire an attorney to represent you, but it's a minor citation and not necessary. However, an attorney could evaluate your case and represent you and possibly get you a not guilty finding depending on the circumstances. - This is not legal advice nor does it create an attorney-client relationship. This is for education and informational purposes only. It is always recommended that you contact an attorney with any concerns as each individual case is unique.


If this is in Montgomery county, then you will likely be offered the option of completing a pre-trial diversion program in exchange for having the charge dismissed. Dismissal would permit you to file a petition to expunge all evidence of this charge; otherwise, it will appear in any future criminal background check. You do not need a lawyer to accept the pre-trial diversion option; however, if you wish to try the case and be found not guilty, or for some reason the dismissal option is not available and you wish to keep this off your record, then you may want to hire a lawyer.


Speak with a Maryland attorney about the best way to handle this.

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