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How are the Executor fees figured in Maryland?

Edgewater, MD |

I am the Executor of my mother's will. She died April 2009. I have not taken anything out for Executor fees. She did not have anything exclusively in her name. Her four children were put on her house deed in 1997, and my name was already on her vehicle and bank accounts. Her life insurance money and what was in her accounts were used for funeral expenses and bills that were due, including the yearly property tax on house. I even paid for a couple of her bills from my own pocket.
I figure I'd get the Exec. Fee whenever and if ever our house is sold. How is that figured in MD?

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If there is no "probate" property ( that is, property that was NOT jointly titled with others, and no life insurance left to "my estate" -- then there is no legal statutory right in Maryland for the Personal Representative ( Executor) to receive a fee or commission.

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