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How and when to apply for L2 I-94 date extension ?

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Hi.. Me & my son are L2 visa holder & our visa & I-94 expiers on June-2013, but my husband (LI visa holder ) have I-94 till Feb- 2014 but his Visa also expires on June-2013 & he will be staying here on his I-94 date. My question is
1. Can I apply for my & my son's I-94 extension depending on his I-94 date
2. If yes how early I can apply?
3. Does my husband has to apply for his Visa extension in order to get our I-94 extension?
4. some where I saw that my husband has to apply for L1 visa petion to extend our I-94 date , what is that ?
I am really cofused pls help

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The I-94 controls the status in the US.
1. Yes;
2. 6 months before status expires;
3. No;
4. Nothing like that.

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Thank you sir, That's a great relief for me, I have few more question 1. Can I apply in normal mode /premium mode? if yes how much do they cost? 2.How long it will take to get approved?


First, if yo u are in the US , your I-94 controls as does your spouse's I-94
1, yes
2. generally 6 months
3. no
4. no, but you will need to s how he is still in status and you are still married

Hiring a lawyer will surely help you

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Thank you sir , Yes I'm in US, What document I need to produce apart from my passport & Visa copy ? & how long it will take usually to get approved ?


1. Yes
2. Up to six months prior to the expiration of the I-94
3. He must be maintaining valid L-1 status
4. See 3.

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