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How a Startup from Non-US state be incorporated as Delaware C?

New York, NY |

I want to run a Startup and incorporate it in US. We operate from India and none of us are in US and there is no to transfer to US in near future. Our service is meant for everyone all over the world.

I did a little research online and I found incorporating as Delaware C would be a better option. I don't know much about incorporation or legal matters. Some Startups who are successful are incorporated as Delaware C.

Could any one tell me a step-wise process to incorporate in US?

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I do a great deal of this kind of work. I regularly incorporate companies in Delaware and, in fact, prefer
Delaware whenever I can organize a company there.

There are two issues that face you when organizing here. First are the corporate issues at hand which include organizing the company as a corporation or as a limited liability company and second is the issue of taxation. It is important to avoid double taxation of profits of the company.

I would be happy to speak with you regarding your needs without cost or obligation.

With kindest regards,

Ken Sprang



Can you write about the process here before I contact you personally?