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How long do the courts have to notify you of an arraignment after bonding out of jail? the judge told me at my bond hearing th

Sierra Blanca, TX |

that i wasbeing charged with a class b misdemeanor and thebondsman istellingme itsa felony. poss of a controlled substance/xanax. i didnt get any paperwork or policereport wn i bonded outanditsbeen over 6 months since i bonded out andstill havent got a court date for arraignment. the bondsman tells me to make surei have money wn i go if i dont wanna go to jail but i plan to plead not guilty cuz the pills were my sisters and i didnteven know they were in my car, and she was perscribedthem and is willing to go to court on mybehalf. what do i do?

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You absolutely need to hire a lawyer. If the pills were not in plain view but where you could not see them & you didn't know about them, then there is a good chance, with a good lawyer & your sister's cooperation, that the case can be dismissed. However, you do not want to find yourself arguing with the prosecutor about the strength of his/her case.