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How do you report suspected email scamming being done in a person's home using their computer for email scamming?

Detroit, MI |

At the home of Stephen Joseph, 20137 Stoepel St., Detroit, MI - he and 3 other Jamacians are doing email scamming with Africa & England consignments bbeing sent to Americia, fradulent check, trying to receive money from women in Africia who claim to be sick and need to send their money to Americans, and international dating. Stephen has given up his past port information, bank information, and selling items out of his house to give to American scammer named Mr. Milloit and England judges, etc who are all part of the scheme and getting the money but not producing any goods.

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Contact the United States Postal Service (post office) in your area and report it to a Postal Inspector. They will take your statement and open an investigation.