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How, do you fight a case, when you'r in jail do to someone falsely accusing you of making threat to them

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we pulled up in front of park view school. me my husband, my mom, and my son. i got out the car to get my other kids before they get on the bus. when i got back my husband outside the car taling to the teacher and some lady. it seemed like nothing, so as i was walking to get in the car my husband asked the teacher and the lady their name's i ask what's going on? what happened th is time? i said let's just go. we got in the car and my husband told me that the lady came out and start to take pictures of our car. he said he though she was taking pictures of the other car's. when she got behide our car he asked her what are you taking pictures of my car for? she did not say anything so he got out the car and she walked off, he went behide her and when he got to her he asked what are you takin

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Making a criminal threat is a serious accusation and could lead to a strike conviction. More must have transpired than what you recount. The safest thing to do is leave your husband in jail and take the bond money to hire a good lawyer who will investigate and defend his case.


Mr. Kaman is correct. There appears to be more facts than what you have stated. Your husband needs an attorney to represent him and do more investigation. A criminal threat charge is serious.

Andrew Roberts


This really makes non sense. It doesn't seem like your husband did anything wrong. Either more must have transpired or, the victim lied to the police.

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Elliot Zarabi