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How can i establish being the custodial parent in texas being the father

Austin, TX |

he is in my care the majority of the time. we live in a nice apartment. he is well llothed and fed the envirionment is well fit for a child. where sas my ex sleeps on the couch of a friend and is trying to say she is taking my son to another state. i dont know what to do ?

my keyboard is not working well, the above was that he is clothed and not llothed and where as not sas. i apologize.

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It appears from your question that there is currently no pending court orders. You need to file a Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationship, be recognized as the legal father of the child, and ask for Temporary Orders. At the least this will prevent her taking your son out of the jurisdiction of the Austin court. This is a difficult process to accomplish on your own. You really need to get an attorney. There are very good attorneys on this site that practice in Travis County. At the very least contact Fathers for Equal Rights for either some startup help - or referrals for low-cost representation if necessary. Good luck.

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I agree with Ms. Langford. Assuming there are no current orders concerning your child, you need to get a court order establishing you as the father and Temporary Orders restricting the residence of the child to Travis County and setting up a possession schedule pending a final order. You should do this before she moves as it will become more expensive and complicated if she goes to another state.

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