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House surrendered in Bankruptcy, Deed still in My Name

Las Vegas, NV |

I moved out of my LV residence, filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and moved to another state. In the BK, the house was surrendered. My BK has been discharged.

My name is still on the title to the house and I am being billed for HOA fees and City of LV sewer. I am also continuning to pay the insurance on the residence.

How do I get the lender to record a deed in the lender's name so that I can eliminate any further liability?

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Unfortunately, you did not "surrender" your house as you put it. You indicated your DESIRE or INTENT to surrender the house. Until the deed to the house is changed, you will continue to own the house.

Once the house is foreclosed, the deed will transfer ownership. However, be aware that the lender may be in no hurry to do so.

Also, you may have discharged your obligation to pay Home Owners Association fees up through the date of your bankruptcy filing. However, you are still responsible for those charges that accrue AFTER the date of filing.

You may want to contact the lender to see if they would do a deed-in-lieu-of-foreclosure.

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Good luck!