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House is in foreclosure & I have completed Chapt 7 about to remarry is my future husband liable for any of the foreclosure?

Mooresville, NC |

My house is going into Foreclosure and I received a notice from the bank attys regarding an upcoming foreclosure hearing. I have filed a Chapter 7 last year which has gone thru and has protected me from the home. I am divorced from my husband which is also on the house mortgage/deed in question. I am currently engaged to be remarried soon. The notice I received is addressed to myself and "any spouse" of myself. The Certificate of Service also states " any spouse" of myself and "any spouse" of my ex-husband. My question is, if I get remarried before the foreclosure is completed on my previous home is my new husband going to be liable for any of this foreclosure or can the bank come after him for anything? Thank you for your advice.

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No, he is not liable. The law requires that foreclosure notices go out to all interested parties. As your current spouse he is entitled to notice, but has no liability unless he signed an agreement to be held liable.

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