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Hosting a party and guest start shooting outside to celebrate. Damage to a neighbors house Am I criminally liable?

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There was a huge new years eve party at my house. As the ball dropped Shots were fired in our backyard at the lawn People outside were told to leave. police came stating the neighbors called and said their house was shot. The house wasn't searched and no ticket. My husband explain to the officer what happen they advised him to apologize and give the neighbors a couple hundred dollars. Arrangements were made to fix damage. nothing else until he was pulled over for headlight and had a warrant for discharging a firearm at or in a habitat or school. My husband wasn't shooting how can he be charged? We need advice on this situation. Can these charges be dropped or reduced?

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You should get a lawyer because from the facts given, if your husband was unaware and did not participate in the shooting, it does not sound like a good criminal case. But, he could be civilly liable. Quick intervention by capable counsel is in order.


They have to prove that your husband fired shots. Your husband and you need to stop talking about this case with anyone and retain an attorney for your husband immediately. This is an extremely serious charge.

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Hire counsel. In the morning is not too early.


I agree with counsel. The state / city needs to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that your husband committed the crime. So, yes these charges can be dropped or reduced. They could also convert them to a felony if they want to push. Hire an attorney. Good luck.

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