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Hostile work environment unemployment claim

Des Moines, IA |

Considering terminating my employment and claiming a hostile work environment. Several times during my employment a manager has been verbally abusive. I have documented these instances in a journal. In my opinion, this manager was excessive in their derision. Most recently I was threatened by a co-worker with bodily harm. I had been instructed by an officer of the company to ensure that people were keeping in line with company policy pertaining to maintaining a quiet and respectful workplace. Over a period of a week I made attempts to discuss the matter with the offending individuals. On the last occasion I was given death threats along the lines of "All we need is a backhoe and a bag of lye and they will never find the body." There were witnesses. Not sure if they would testify.

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You need to report this to the EEOC, call an employment lawyer in your area and they will give you advice as to how to deal with this to gather evidence, witnesses and if you are in true fear of bodily harm, report this to the police. Get the name, address, telephone number and perhaps a photo of the people who are threatening you and give it to the EEOC and your attorney when you get one. You can get a free consultation with most attorneys.
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