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Hostile work environment, HR said they would do an investigation but it's been 3 months. What is the net step?

Seattle, WA |
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I would need more information before I can answer this. "Hostile work environment" has a specific legal meaning, but many employees use the term for other difficult work situations, and even within the legal meaning, details may vary. Why is the work environment hostile? (Ongoing sexual harassment? Generally harsh treatment? Verbal abuse?) Why is the work environment hostile? (Are you being picked on for whistle-blowing or for filing an L & I claim? Are you being picked on because of your age, gender, or membership in another protected group? Or is the supervisor unfairly picking on you because of a personality conflict?) Also, is the situation so bad that no reasonable person could stay there, or is it just very uncomfortable and you wish it were over?

I know it's frustrating to have your question met with more questions, but your proper next step really depends on the answers, and what would be correct in one situation will be completely wrong in another.

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