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Hostile work environment & Defimation of character

Stockton, CA |

The business I work for is a small family run operation with about 30 employees. In the past, I have always worked or large corporations and held possitions that required me to understand HR laws as well as state and Federal employer laws and regualtions. In the past 4 years, I have seen several violations and have been told that the laws and regulations don't apply.
The most frequent violation I see is the group discussion of errors made by other employees...and by group, I mean every employee other than the one involved as well as customers, vendors and non-business related family members. And, upon terminations of an employee, that employee's character and job performance is the group discussion topic for days. To me this boarders of defimation of character and a violation of employee rights when the discussion goes beyound the HR department to the public and prespective employers.

Then there are the denigrating comments made daily about co-workers, gender and ethinic orign. All of this is heard by one or more of the company owners, yet nothing is done to alleviate this conduct, which I was trained to treat as the basis for creating a hostile work environment.

Having witnessed this, as well as having been a victim of this behaviour over the last four years, I have decided that the only alternative left to me is to seek other employment. My concern is that I will be subjected to the same kind of treatment and that it will affect my employablitty. Obviously, I want to take steps to prevent this. I also know from experience, unless it is presented as illegal to the company owners in black and white, there is nothing that will morally stop this behavior.

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