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Hospitalized over holiday, fall off the porch leads to septic shock and cardiac arrest? And ultimately death!

Inkster, MI |

A family member of mine fell off of his front porch while intoxicated. This was right before Christmas 2012.
He broke knee cap, and dislocated shoulder. Surgery was performed on knee. A few days later be began to suffer from alcohol withdrawal, and withdrawals from prescribed pills. why would the hospital withdrawal him from prescription medication instead of administering it to him?
They then put him on a ventilator, stating that he worked himself up and wag having difficulty breathing.
He did have COPD and emphysema. He ripped the ventilator tubes out on his own, and did fine breathing for himself.
They transferred him to a private room after knee surgery, where the family received a call the following day stating that he went into cardiac arrest, and that it took 15 minutes to resuscitate him. Originally they said 12 minutes, then bumped it up to 15.
After the cardiac arrest he was placed on the ventilator once again.
The hospital sent him for an MRI and a cat scan, to which they delivered no results to the family. They told us "there is some brain damage." And didn't elaborate any further.
His medical chart was sitting in the room and in big writing it read "SEPTIC SHOCK/CBlueARDIAC ARREST"
nobody was aware of septic shock! There waa never one word spoken about septic shock.
Doesn't his surrogate decision maker/durable power of attorney have a legal right to that information?
My thought is they were short staffed over holiday, he got septic shock due to knee surgery, which lead to cardiac arrest, all because of it being a holiday.
All of his symptoms were that of shock.
Low blood pressure
Blue lips
Starting off into space
The hospital later told us that he had the mentality of a 7 year old.
I personally do NOT believe that.
He was flipping nurses the middle finger, moving all if his limbs, including the leg that was operated on. Nodding yes/no to questions, giving hugs and kisses, doing special handshakes that he had with different people, expressing pain or anger etc.
The hospital also told his mother that if he was administered a tracheostomy, that it would likely be permanent..although be was breathing above the vent and was breathing on his own about 12 hours a day.
Due to the false information the hospital gave his mother, she decided against the tracheostomy and signed DNR paperwork.
He was doing things that were HIS personality. NOT that of a child.
I feel the hospital attempted to cover their own ass by claiming brain damage, and not bringing up the shock, whIch was ultimately killing him.

At the time where he was struggling to breathe, he was completely off medication, and they said to him "Don, your breathing is bad, you're not skiing you want morphine to help keep toy comfortable?" He shook his head no.
His mother asked for the morphine and they administered it..hut at the time he wad completely competent and says he did not want it!

At NO point during his competency did the hospital ask him if he wanted to be resuscitated, or if HE wanted the tracheostomy.

Could this all be a result of a short staffed hospital over a holiday weekend, letting septic shock cause all of this, when this man should be alive, well, and in rehab right now?

I can't understand how a broken kneecaused an otherwise healthy man to die in hospice!?

Please help!!

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Duplicate posting.

This answer is offered as a public service for general information only and may not be relied upon as legal advice.


see my answer to your other posting.


You should consult with a MIchigan medical malpractice attorney ASAP. Many of us can refer you to an appropriate attorney who works in this area and who will evaluate your options at no cost to you..

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I’m sorry to hear about this. The only way to know if there was malpractice is to retain a local med mal lawyer who can order the medical records and send them to an expert to review to ascertain whether there was a breach of the standard of care.

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