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Hospital ER -NO MD in the ER! Staffed with NURSES only! STATE LAW requires all ER's staffed with MD'S

San Diego, CA |

I called 911, I was having all of the usual Heart Attack symptoms, having had 2 previous attacks. The Paramedic took me to the Hospital's ER and it was staffed completely with NURSES ONLY. I requested an MD 7 times, and I never got to see one! IT IS A LAW, ALL ER'S MUST BE STAFFED WITH AN MD! I have a great health Insurance. So, they wanted to admit me, because I was a paying customer. Instead they tried to calm me down with Zan-ex, and Morphine. How can a Nurse prescribe medication without an MD? How can a nurse decide if it is my heart or not? Nurses have 2 years of crammed in medical training and are NOT doctors. The IV needle was bent in my hand, and came out and no nurse showed up, so I took it out because blood was running up into the IV tube which is dangerous? I need a lawyer!

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I am sorry to hear about your experience at the ER. However, in order to have a medical malpractice claim you need to show: a failure in the standard of care among medical personal that "caused you damages" (medical injuries). Here, from your question, I do not know what type of medical injury you actual suffered/sustained, apart from the IV needle issue. If there was a breach in the standard of medical care that applied to you, you still need to prove your damages; i.e. grave injury or injury that required a surgery, or the like, due to breach of standard of care. An injury that from the face of it will show an extreme breach or failure of the medical practitioners standard of care that was given to you. Also, keep in mind, it is very expensive (and difficult) at times to retain a medical expert to help prove your case in medical malpractice claims. This is why it is import to balance your actual damages with the costs of a medical malpractice claim. I would advise further consultation with an experienced medical malpractice attorney that specializes 100% with medical malpractice claims so your damages can be reviewed in more detail.

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