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Hosp refuses to give Mom med recs of dead baby. Hosp said Mom has to file probate for baby to get records. Is there another wa

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5 mos old baby died at home, not in hosp. Baby's heart defect due to bad drug Mother took during pregnancy. State gave Mother Autopsy Report, Doctors gave medical records to family, why does this hospital want to force this lady to open probate and incur all expenses just to obtain her baby's medical records

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I am very sorry about this tragic situation. In practice parents often can get these types of records without a problem. However if the hospital is requiring probate to be opened it may be easier to just do it than fight it. Opening an estate is not as difficult or daunting as you might think so I would not get too upset about having to incur some fees (probably a few hundred dollars) to open the estate. It sounds to me like you are also exploring a wrongful death or malpractice suit so you would have to open an estate anyway in order to do that. I would contact a personal injury attorney and/or probate attorney to walk you through the bulk of the process but you may be able to take care of simply "raising the estate" quickly and easily.

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No telling why they really want you to open probate but look at it as though they are doing you a favor. They are forcing you to retain counsel who may be able to give you guidance and advice incase you wish to proceed against any party for this most tragic incident.

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While it is true that opening a probate in Colorado should not be a major ordeal, I believe the hospital is wrong and the parents should not have to resort to this. Under HIPPA, the federal health care privacy law, a parent is generally considered the "personal representative" of a minor child, over whom the parent has the ability to make medical decisions, and is therefore entitled to the child's medical records. There are exceptions, particularly with adolescents who may wish to seek medical help confidentially and have given their personal consent to treatment. However, this clearly is not the case with a newborn baby. Perhaps a well phrased letter from a lawyer to the hospital would resolve the issue.

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Hospitals generally do not have the discretion to refuse these sorts of requests, although they can request payment for them. I would agree that a nicely worded letter might do it.

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