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Home warranty companies allowed my sole prop license as a partnership. I have agreements and one was forged by rep.

Carmichael, CA |

False, license use, bond claim, representative forged one himself. I spent for months collecting agreements. We later had a partnership but they buried me with legal/tax problems. As well filed BK without my knowledge. The well trusted warranty companies are practices are bad faith and an u known amount of consumers have been charged for covered items or forced to pay for maintenances and other issues or told warranty would be voided. the. I know they are concerned of me filing suit and I have the proof and grounds
to do so but not the money can I file without an attorney. Or where can I find one to see this for what it is and take on pro bono status. They are waiting for suit or statute of limitations which I believe in CA is 4 years on fraud

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Your post is not clear, so I am not sure what your question is. If you have some written agreement and the other party is violating the agreement, then you should consult with a local attorney to see what your rights may be.

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