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Holding on to my commission check

Fort Lauderdale, FL |

I was red flagged with fraud on with Suntrust Bank. I was found guilty due Fl Statue 494.0041 failure to verify docs( which I could not verify at the time because only lender could verify docs in question. Suntrust did not press charges because loan did not close file was flagged at the submission stage.

However File # 2 closed with CitiMortgage Group with no problems. Innovation the Mortgage company decided never to send my commission check in amount over 10,000. the files had no relations yet the company held on to my check. What can I do?

First thanks for the reply tomy question. abnot holding back of my commission. Citi pay out my commission to the mortgage company i was working with. the mortgage company decide to hold on to my commission. the file that close was citi had no fraud involved hence the reason it closed with no problem. I company stated that the will press full charges and if nothing comes back file they will send my check. the verdict came back on a totally different file and bank. Matter fact the borrower for that file in which close is in good standing until this day.

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You need to provide more information as to why Citi refuses to send you your commission check.