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HOA removing 9 of 15 old pines in common area and I want to stop them.

Pittsburg, CA |

I've gone to HOA board and requested that trees not be taken out. 9 of 15 pine trees in common area are being removed under the lie that roots are causing damage. This will completely change the look of our development that is at this time a well established area. I want to stop the board, how can I? The board has taken out other trees needlessly and has never replanted or planted any new plants in sixteen years. This development is turning into a concrete jungle and is killing my homes value. Please help!!!

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Personally, I have great empathy for you in your situation I got so fed up with my homeowners' association that I ran for the Board and served as President for four years. I have had my fill in dealing with Homeowners Associations and their imprudent conduct. I am not certain what homeowner association you are in, but you may want to check the Minutes to see if there is a report from Agricultural Control Committee, which exists in most homeowners associations, and see if they recommended the removal of the trees. Also, you need to see if a horticulturist has recommended the removal of the trees, or if this is just some free-spirited members of your Board making random crazy decisions. What you should immediately check out is in your City is if they have a tree removal ordinance. I know in the City of Fremont, that once the trunk of the tree exceeds I believe four or six inches in width, you have to obtain a permit from the City to remove the trees. Check with the City first, this may be your best entry level of attack to cool the Board of Director's jets for the moment.

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