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Hit someone pulling out of a driveway whose fault is it?

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I and a passenger were driving down a residential street going the speed limit and a car pulled out, front first, of their driveway and I hit them. They pulled out last minute and because the street was lined with parked cars I couldn't see him coming into traffic. I braked but couldn't stop in time and hit his front bumper before the wheel. Whose fault is it? Also I was driving the car but I'm not the cars owner, the owner was in the passengers seat. Whose insurance would be used?

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You had the right of way going straight forward in the public street. The vehicle operator entering the street had the higher duty of care. Unless I am missing something, which I can't see, the person who came out into the street is 100% at fault. That the driver coming out of the driveway claims he may not have been able to see due to the parked cars is an excuse but not a defense.

As for the property damage claim to the vehicle that you were driving, with the owner in the passenger seat, go against the other car. It's operator was at fault.

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File a claim against their insurance.

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