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Hit and Skip - seeking reimbursement - case going to trial

East Liverpool, OH |


An individual did a hit and skip in a parking lot, caused major damage to my car. I saw the license plate and wrote it down before he took off, which he did as soon as I got out of my car to approach him. He actually confessed to it when the police finally were able to track him down.

He has no insurance and I decided to ask the court to make him reimburse me for repairs. It came to slightly over $1,000. I sent the court prosecutor my bill for repair.

I had to borrow money from my parents. Is it reasonable/possible to ask for costs PLUS interest and car rental while the car was being worked on? The case is going to trial soon and I got a subpoena to testify.

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Attorney answers 2


If this is a criminal case involving restitution or a civil case, you are entitled to loss of use of the vehicle but may not be able to receive interest from the time of the accident. You are possibly entitled to interest on any money you paid for repairs from the time you made the payment.


Yes, you are entitled to reimbursement for both the cost of repairs and the loss of use (rental charges). Ask the Prosecutor and Judge to make payment of restitution as part of this guy's probation conditions imposed at sentencing. You will likely not get interest, unless you sue him in civil court, get a judgement, and interest runs on the unpaid balance. The interest will be minor. I would use the restitution-as-part-of-probation strategy if the Judge will do it. Most will, some won't. Good luck!