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Hit and run and tricked me to drink alcohol when I was only 17 years old, in order to drive my Brand New car worth 50k.

Maple Valley, WA |

a few month ago i bought a brand new car worth 50k and i was 17 years old and i had been tricked by a 19 year old female forcing me to drink alcohol .and she took my car keys while i was drunk and took me to my friends house so i can sleep there on the way to my friends place the girl that tricked me into drinking was drunk also and was speed and drifting all over the place she crashed a blue sedan and ran away.she promised me that she will pay to fix my car and i had waited for 5 months until she texted saying that she won't pay for anything and that it was fault to give her the car .in my point of view that the girls is taking the advantage because i am an international student so i don't know how things go around here or neither i have no one to help me

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The bottom line is that you were both drunk and neither one of you were in any condition to drive. The fact remains that she drove your car and at the time you did not object. The bigger issue is that she was driving your car when she hit that sedan. Hopefully you are insured because it is not only your car that needs to be repaired but also that sedan that she hit. You should contact your insurance company as soon as possible and they will repair yours and that other car and if necessary go after that woman that drove your car so badly. Your insurance company is going to ask why did it take you five months to report this accident. You can plead that you did not understand that you needed to report it because you believe this person was going to repair it.

I wish you the best of luck - at least no one was injured. Next time, keep a number for a taxi cab company and have them drive you home. It is better to leave the car where it is at rather than risk driving it.


Your post is a bit difficult to understand, but from what I can tell, someone else was driving your car and caused a collision. If so, you need to report it to your insurance. Your insurance will investigate the claim and inform you if you are covered for the loss.

If the collision was investigated by the police, it would help to have a copy of the collision report, which you can purchase online from the Washington State Patrol website. It will have important information about the facts if the collision.

The fact that you were both under the influence of alcohol complicates things, and it would be worth consulting with an attorney that is well versed in both insurance coverage law, as well as defending damage claims.


You don't supply sufficient facts to determine whether being forced to drink alcohol would present a legitimate defense to anything. You are likely not going to face criminal charges yourself, since you were not driving the vehicle at the time of the accident. Even if she was intoxicated at the time you handed her the keys, it is a very tough case to prove in the criminal context.

You should consult with the Washington State Bar or the King County Bar Association to arrange a legal consultation. You are very likely going to need an attorney's help to straighten this all out.

Good luck!


What about the car she hit? Did you fess up and leave the person your contact inFormation? you should consult an experienced attorney because if you were cited for DUI, it could be serious. In addition if you are sued by the owner of the damaged car, then you need to pay for the damages. As the car owner, you gave permission to the female to drive and you were in the car. Your insurance should pay. Under no circumstances should you drink and drive. In most circumstances, you would have certainly been arrested. Regardless of being tricked or not. It is called being responsible.

<<DISCLAIMER>> Information provided in this response is intended to be informational or educational only. It in no way establishes an attorney-client relationship. Because every case is factually (and in some instances jurisdictionally) dependent, it is not possible to accurately answer each question posed. If you have sincere legal concerns, it is highly recommended that you seek legal counsel IN YOUR AREA. A response is not intended to create, nor does it create, a continuing duty to respond. Also, Ms. Eskinde is licensed in Louisiana, so if you require immediate assistance, then you need to contact someone who is in your state, if outside of Louisiana.


More information is needed to evaluate. Call one of the above lawyers to investigate.

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