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Hired a family law attorney, almost finished with the case and I can't get a hold of him.

Houston, TX |

I paid my family law attorney a $5000 retainer to represent me in a parent/child modification case. I had already used another attorney to go with me to mediation and had to fire him because he did not send my signature page to the opposing attorney which tore my entire case apart. So I hire this attorney and we go to court to work out a deal with the opposing and it was to move to another county in Texas to change the venue after I stayed there for my 6 months. 2 months after this 6 month requirement, I have called and emailed to no avail. The 3 attorneys I talked to in the presiding county said that my lawyer in Houston has to change the venue. This is ALL I need him to do!!! I need to take my ex back to court for child support enforcement and I can't get this attorney to finish!

The town this attorney had me move to is about 3 hours north of Houston and it is where I grew up. It is a very small town and in the span of 8 months, I still have no job. I am now moving back to Houston and I am more than frustrated because this was my attorney's idea and now he won't finish the case. I just want half of my retainer back because I still need to file an enforcement and the attorneys in Houston all want a $3000 retainer! My husband is in the military and we just don't have thousands of dollars to throw around! I want a damn good attorney for the money I pay! I took a loan out for this $5000 for pete's sake! I just want GOOD REPRESENTATION!

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If you have called and got no answer, send a letter to his address demanding that he call you immediately and outlining the efforts you have made to contact him. If you do not hear from him, you can then file a grievance with the State Bar of Texas.

I'm sorry that you have had such problems. There really are some good lawyers out there.


Based on the information that you provided, it is difficult for me to tell if your current attorney has done anything wrong. However, the attorney should call you back and communicate with you. I agree with Ms. Henley that you should send the attorney a certified mail letter explaining when you called, why you called, what you desire and request that he contact you within a time certain. Also, request a detailed and itemized billing statement from the attorney. It sounds like the attorney has not actually accrued much time in the case and you may be entitled to a partial refund.