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Hi yes the answers were good but sorta new it any how ,i just cant fathom why this is happening in this day and age probate held

England, AR |

up for contesting people , equity being lost , brother helped himself, girlfriend helped herself to everything he owned,and uncle helped himself ,but police say it solicitors job and wont-do anything ,about brother harassment he has reported me to police got gun , rspca , child services , but i haven't been given chance to prove false,all police or solicitors would have to do is get text records of parties .also has car tyres slashed twice ,i the victim but not being treated right

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In light of your spelling of some words and reference to "solicitor," my guess is that you are writing from the Country of England, in the U.K. However, your query was posted in a forum for the City of England, Arkansas -- a small town in the U.S.

This is a common mistake, but while our laws are based upon common principals they can also be very different and so you should re-post in an English forum to ensure you get an answer that is applicable to current English law. Good luck!

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