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Hi my sister got charged with PC 273.5 Felony and PC 13700 Felony she got taken to sacramento county jail what will happend

Sacramento, CA |

my sister was at the boyfriends house and the boyfriend was drinking when he statred to hit her and kicking her in front of his mother.the mother didnt do nothing to stop it she left my sister laying out side her house beaten up not able to stand and took her son inside her house and called the police on my sister for transpassing her property and hiiting the mother as well.

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There has to be more to the story than this. But don't publish any more details here: hire a lawyer or use a public defender.

PC 13700 is not really a separate charge. It simply defines some of the terms used in domestic violence cases. PC 273.5 is a very serious charge for which she will need a lawyer either public or private.


Getting an attorney to begin the investigation right away is important. Pictures of your sisters injuries and interviews of the people at the house are important to try to determine what occurred. Don't let her talk to anyone until she talks to an attorney.

Response to answers is for general information purposes only and does NOT establish an attorney client relationship. Further, without a full client interview, opinions are based on limited information and therefore a approximation. Actual advise may vary significantly once addition information is established.

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