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Hi I was teminated from a methatdone clinic accused of making bomb threats which I never made what can I do to clear my name

Boston, MA |

The staff member who claim I made the threat is a racist along with the director of the program. I never received proper represetation nor help to find another program. I was let go becoming real sick on a high dose which put me in the hospital. Even after I filed an appeal with DPH nobody has contacted me and when they finally did contact me It was to tell me I never filed an appeal which I did In a five page letter addressing my concerns The way I was terminated was not right at all. When I asked can I get a lawyer I was told not to and that the Human Rights Officer for the clinic will be my contact and the person to make the decision of terminating me or keeping me at the program. The way this was all done was illegal what can I do to resolve this matter I do not like the way I was tre

On the day in question I was never arrested Also I hear that the threat was a call in so now I am confused because they used illegal tactics to get me terminated this only started happening after the found out that I am involved in a interacial relationship after which they started targeting my wife. I need help and advice because from what I hear there are a lot of things wrong with how they let me go I saved all my documentation and the appeal letter I sent to DPH

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It's not clear from your post if you are complaining about termination from your job at the clinic or termination from treatment at the clinic. If it's the latter, that is not an employment issue and I have no suggestions. If it's the former, I am afraid your options are limited. Under the MA Personnel Records Act, you are entitled to a copy of your personnel file, including documentation that justifies the reason for your termination. You are also entitled to have the employer put your version of the facts in your file. As for the actual termination, I expect you are an at-will employee. This means you can be fired for a good reason or no reason at all, so long as it is not an illegal reason like discrimination. You say this might be influenced by your interracial dating relationship. But I expect the employer will say the reasons are due to the belief that you engaged in misconduct. This is not like a criminal case where you are entitled to a lawyer on your appeal to DPH. The employer does not have to prove the reasons for your termination beyond a reasonable doubt. Sounds like a tough case to challenge. This may not be what you want to hear, but at least you have some insight into how these cases work. Good luck.

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