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Hi i recently discovered all my belongings are moldy and mildewy in my dry storage unit of 8 yrs. the owners tore the roof off

Ketchikan, AK |

and left whole inside of building exposed with rain running throughout the building and under my door into my unit, they did this without even notifying me that this could happen if they tear the roof off. i spent a day going thru my things to see what i could salvage. everything smells so bad it cannot be in the house anywhere or you can smell it. plus after few hours in the facility i became so ill i was vomitting and bedridden for 24 hrs after that. ive paid them over $10,000 in the past 8 years, all for nothing now. what can i do if anything?

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1. File an insurance claim with your homeowners or renters insurance.
2. File a claim with the storage rental insurance policy that you purchased when you rented the space.
3. File a claim against the storage company itself.

You should probably hire counsel for step three. You may want to consult counsel for the first two steps.

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