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Hi I'm about to turn 16 and I need to move out in a independent living program in the cities without my parents consent

Minneapolis, MN |

If been in and out of mental hospitals jail 1 don't have a crimal record me and my parents don't get along they make me want to kill my self I just need to be alone I'll be happy I need a program that will take me in and find me independent living

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Search online for local programs and/or hotlines to call. Definitely make some calls, and they will be able to point you in the right direction. Don't freak out... just make some calls and speak with some people who can help.

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Stephen Andrew Hamer

Stephen Andrew Hamer


Sometimes my parents made me feel same way. Instead of focusing on moving out, focus on talking to trained professional about how you're feeling. I don't know if your parents will pay for it or not. Just look around for help. I wish you the best. Things'll get better, you'll be fine eventually.

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