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Hi i have a civil suit against me for a credit card company what will happen at the court case

Fairless Hills, PA |

i called them and they want 800.00 before they will accept payment arraingments i dont have that im on public assistance

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That is a difficult question to answer without more facts. For example, were you sued be an original creditor? Or 3rd party debt collector? How much were you sued for? Was there any sort of harassment by a debt collector? And there are more questions


It depends on which court you were sued in. If you were sued in a local magisterial court and you timely notify the court that you will defend, then you can expect to have a trial date in which a judge will hear your defense. If you were sued in your county seat's Court of Common Pleas, the expectations are much different. However, if you don't file a response to the court, you will be defaulted and the creditor will move to forced collections.

Many other considerations are present here that you should at least contact a Consumer Rights Attorney to explore. You can get started by clicking below.


What happens will depend upon whether or not you have a defense to the creditor's claims. If you do not have a defense to the creditor's claims, it will likely obtain a judgment against you. The creditor can then attempt to collect on this judgment by levying a bank account or personal property. However, it cannot garnish wages in Pennsylvania or get to most forms of public assistance, which are exempt.

If you do have defenses to the claims, such as the Statute of Limitations, you need to raise them now, or you may waive them. I suggest that you speak to an attorney as soon as possible to discuss your options for dealing with this debt, including and any possible defenses. You may wish to discuss bankruptcy and debt negotiation as well, depending on your circumstances.

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