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Hi I have a case pending for my i485

Flushing, NY |

I'm supposed to be grandfathered in through my dads
Job. After waiting a few months they are now requesting
Biological proof that he is my father. They request that I
Bring this proof in person to an immigration officer assigned
To me next month. I hear those results Paternity results are never
Given to me in person. This man is my dad 100% so would I be approved
On the spot and how would they receive those results if I was told to bring it?

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If he was not married to your mother and there is no adjudication of paternity, it may be a problem for 245(I).

The above is intended only as general information, and does not constitute legal advice. You must speak with an attorney to discuss your individual case.


You should be given the results in a sealed envelope or you may have the results mailed directly to the office.


How would they receive it? Well, if they want it as proof of paternity, they will use it as such.

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