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Hi I am currently being charged with elderly abuse felony. This made me lose my job. I am looking for a pro bono lawyer

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5 yrs ago I started working for IHSS. I was a caregiver to the residents of a home. 1yr ago a resident moved in. He was aggressive, verbally & physically violent to me and the other caregivers. He is legally blind and would go out for walks and would fall on the street. We would have many complaints about him. I told the manager of the home we couldn't take care of all his needs. He needed to be somewhere where they can look after him 24/7. One day I had an incident with him where he came at me physically. I didn't want to hurt him or have him hurt others or himself. I had to restrain him. Another resident saw the end of altercation. He reported me. Days later a sherif came arrested me. I appeared to my court date and it was rescheduled. I can't get a job with this in on my record

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The public defender would be a good option for you if you have no income. They are generally knowledgeable lawyers, even though their work loads are out of control.


Yes, the public defender will be appointed to represent you if you cannot afford an attorney. Hopefully, you will be able to gather the evidence and witnesses you need to mount a viable defense.



I also forgot to add he has been in and out of homes because of his violent behavior

Mark A. Broughton

Mark A. Broughton


I suspect that is going to be a useful fact in your defense.


Get a public defender- which will be appointed at your first court hearing.


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