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Hi everyone my marriage based green card interview is march 25 my name is not on the lease and we do not have a joint bank count

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for health insurance we have ca relink and i have picture and we do have a child is it enough to prove we live together ? do pictures ca relink joint account enough thanks for your time

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Other proofs: pictures of inside of home showing both your belongings, mail addressed to both of you at same address, sworn affidavits of neighbors or friends who know you live together, and other bills you both have in both names that come to that address.


The real inquiry is whether your marriage is genuine and not spurious. There are many ways to prove it if this is true. Hire an attorney. Best way to avoid future expenses.


A child born during the marriage is very strong proof. Try for letters from witnesses as well.

The above is intended only as general information, and does not constitute legal advice. You must speak with an attorney to discuss your individual case.


I agree with my colleague. You must prove that your marriage is bona fide, not a sham entered into to obtain a green card. While you cite a number of items you do not have, there may be many you do have. Gather and copy as many of the following items as possible in preparation for your application and interview: . wedding invitations, church certificates, joint bank accounts, joint credit card statements, joint club memberships, joint federal and state tax returns, time/date stamped photographs of you and your spouse taken before and during your marriage, wedding photographs, letters and/or emails sent, rental agreements, leases, receipts for gifts, etc. You can't go in there with merely an excuse. Perhaps you should meet with an experienced immigration attorney before your meeting. Maybe you would feel more at ease if your attorney went to the interview with you. Good luck to you.

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hi sir thank you for your rsponse how can a gift receipt be useful? i have one that dated a year ago can i use it but it does not have any names

J Thomas Smith Ph.D.

J Thomas Smith Ph.D.


Something is better than nothing. Get as much as you can. But, if that is all you have, it may not be enough.

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