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Hi can someone request that police call records be expunged?

Carrollton, TX |

I live in an apt complex where a neighbor above me was loud all the time. I had to call the police as i was instructed by the apt management in order for them to be quiet on school nights.. when the police came, the neighbors told them I had a vendetta against them and I was racist! All I wanted was them to be quiet so my sons could do their homework. They are Hispanic and I am white. I spend all my free time and money helping out the Hispanic community!! I don't think it is fair that they can say whatever they want and it is part of a record with my name attached. The city prosecuter said there was nothing I could do about it. Thoughts?

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Police calls are only to an address, not a particular person. And, there is no way to expunge the calls for service to an address.

Cynthia Henley



I obtained the records and my name is recorded on the call records.


You cannot expunge call records in this situation. Unfortunately, people can say whatever they want to the police or anyone else. My thought is that you are just going to have to let it go.

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I agree with the above. Unfortunately expunction is reserved for actual criminal charges.

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