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Hi. im trying to get visits with my son I filed for my parenting plan to b adopted now what do I do? how can I get visits now?

Portland, OR |

me n the mother have a no contact we just got the dna test done what are my steps shes ganna fight me all the way she lies about me I live and work in Portland or mon thru sat 55 hrs a week they live in Spokane wa 8 plus hrs away idk what motions to file to get legal rights I cant talk to the court facilitator over the phone I have to drive out there its unfair

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Your post is in language that is difficult to understand, but it appears you need to consult with an attorney immediately in order to make sure your rights are protected. Without knowing the specifics of your case, no one here can really advise you properly.


I'm afraid it's very difficult to understand just what you're saying. (Please see this Guide: .) However, if I understand you, you say that your child and the co-parent live in Washington. If the child has lived in Washington for more than six months, then Washington has jurisdiction over the case and you'd need to consult with a family law attorney who practices in Washington state.

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