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Hi, i was issued a notice of trespass for one year by the police on grounds of shoplifting.

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Actually i was not but misunderstood by the store owner. I would like to know if there are any kind of legal bindings or implications to this notice. Will this notice create any problems for me now or in future in any regard, as i have come to work here recently on a H1B visa.

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You cannot go back to the store as long as an abstract. It doesn't matter whether your shoplifting or not, the store has the right to read service to anyone that it wishes. I would not go back there after the years up until I made sure that it's okay with store. If you violate this notice you can be charged with a crime.

The trespass notice that you signed will not be filed anywhere, unless criminal charges are filed. It should not affect anything you do as long as you stay out of store

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I would stress the point of not going back to that store for any reason until you know for sure the store is giving you permission. If you go back to that store while the trespass is in place, and the store even thinks you are there to commit a crime, like shoplifting, you could potentially be charged with Burglary, a B felony.


It will be very important that you get verification of the trespass lift from you being able to go back to the store. You can't check on this yourself but you can have this done by someone else. If you want to or need to hire an attorney to get answered.

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