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Hi, i recently filed an Ead based on an eoir 42b app. I recently did my biometrics, how long before i receive an EAD?

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What are my chances in court? I've been arrested and is on a non supervised probation. But, non of my crimes are crimes of moral turputudes. I can't afford a lawyer but i do qualify as I've lived here for more than 19 yrs, i have a child who is a US citizen and I've beenmarried to a US citizens for nearly 10yrs. What are my chances in court? I've never had a felony. All my convictions are driving related no dui's, one trespassing im on probation for. Do i have any chances? If i get an EAD and strat working, can i file i-485 based on my spouse? And where does that leave me with my removal proceedings?

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You have a lot of questions here. For starters, if you properly filed for an EAD, you will likely receive it within 60 days of biometrics. Regarding your chances in court, it is truly quite difficult to win an EOIR-42B case. Doing it without an attorney will be much more difficult. If your most recent entry to the United States was without permission (enter without inspection), then you are not eligible to file I-485 unless you qualify under 245(i). If your wife is a US Citizen, she could file an I-130 for you. You really need to consult with an immigration attorney.

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Several months. More than 60 days that they promise. That is for sure.

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