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Hi I'm filing chapter 7. How do I exempt my truck which I use for work. I pay the last payment to bank this month.value 13k

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I'm filing in CA and am a sole prop -all debt is business. I don't have property and am only claiming household goods, personal effects and tools all totalling about $7000. using CA Sec 703-140 for this. I have another personal vehicle personal owing 30k to bank.
Vehicles amount allowed is only $3300. I don't want to lose the vehicle which I use for work. and will now be in my name. Can I use the Wildcard since I'm not claiming property or anything else. How will I note this in the column for specify law for exemption. Thank you very much

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You can use any remaining California wildcard exemption for the additional exemption needed for your vehicle (amount of equity over $3525; it's been increased from $3300). The California wildcard exemption is noted as "C.C.P. 703.140(b)(5)". You sound like you're doing this by yourself without an attorney. All I can say is there are many ways to slip up and not get the results you expect. I urge you to consult with a qualified bankruptcy attorney in your area.


In most states that have a wildcard exemption, you get to use the exemption just as you would a wildcard when playing poker. I am guessing you aren't a poker player!

You can apply the wildcard to any property. You can apply it to a vehicle, to a timeshare, to a boat, to investments. You just need to make sure it is included on schedule C & that you cite the precise law you are claiming for the wildcard.

Hope this perspective helps!


You can exempt the equity in the vehicle using $3,525 under 703.140(b)(2) plus the wildcard exemption of up to $23,250 under 703.140(b)(5) which is $22,075 under 703.140(b)(1) + $1,175 under 703.140(b)(5). Read the code carefully. Also you need to reaffirm the vehicle loan if you want to keep the car from being repossessed which is a separate topic. Note that the exemptions change 4-1-2010.

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Good Luck starts with a strategy and a plan.

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There are also specific exemptions in California for "tools of trade," which can apply to a motor vehicle used in your trade. Tool of trade is a term of art; whether an asset qualifies as such is a legal determination.

We recommend that you obtain legal counsel before filing for bankruptcy. Internet advice can lead one astray.