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Hi- I just received a " final invoice" from a lawyer who was "representing " me in a lanlord/ tenant matter.

Springfield, NJ |

He did a HORRIBLE job, failed to address many key issues that we pointed out to him in detail and IN WRITING! Did much of the research ourselves. All the while he appeared barely qualified at best. He has already been paid much more than we think he is worth. He was often rude when he found us worthy of communicating too, made us rewrite and repeat things to him over and over again ( most of which he ended up ignoring anyway) . I know that we are entitle to fee arb, but would like to tell him to " take a hike" with what he perceives to be his balance. He should consider himself lucky that he has not ( yet) been reported to NJ Bar association or Ethics committee. Ideally, we old like another attorney to intervene on our behalf by way of writing to him once we provide our proofs.

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Your best bet is to go to Fee Arbitration. It goes before a Panel of Two attorneys and one lay person. You can present proofs to them and they determine what is a fair amount of a fee. He can say his balance is anything he wants, but he will have to justify it to the Panel. Filing with Etics will not get you a lower bill, only fee arb. Ethics will actually bounce your case if they realize it is about fees to the Fee Arb Team.

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