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Hi, I am in need of a Pro Bono Attorney

Laguna Beach, CA |

I am in need of a Pro Bono Attorney. I am currently located in Orange County Ca, but the issue that I am having began in Kansas City. I need a criminal atty. I am assuming criminal, but I may be jumping the gun a bit. I have been told by a friend that the FBI stopped by their house asking questions about me.. I dont think its going to be a really big case, but I need to be proactive, they treat you different when you have counsel. I cant afford to be detained, so I need someone who can help a bit. Is there anyway that you can help me, I am a single parent and really need help now, before it gets out of hand. I have some money coming, but it might not be for a couple months. Can anyone help me?

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It doubtful that you will find a good lawyer willing to do totally pro bono. You might contact some attorneys for consulation, but most of the lawyers on this site are private attorneys who can't really offer services for free. Wherever the criminal case is, you are likely to be eligible for a public defender. I'm happy to discuss the matter with you, but not confident I can offer more than a consultation pro bono


You may not need an attorney yet, if the FBI was only questioning your friend. There may not be any charges filed. However, if they are involved, it probably won't be a small case either. Yes you may be able to get a public defender but at the same time, most attorneys will work on a sliding scale of some sort, especially if you do have money coming to you.

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If the FBI is involved believe me it's not a small case. The FBI doesn't get involved with small cases. In addition, if the FBI is involved you can quit assuming it is criminal because it is because the don't get involved in civil cases unless its a civil forfeiture matter. Now with that said, lets discuss pro bono. Many private criminal attorneys are solo practioners or small firms, thus for any of us to do pro bono would jeopardize our practice. In criminal matters pro bono attorneys are called public defenders and you need to qualify for them. Good luck.

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Sorry but no free attorneys on this site. We are all solo practitioners with bills and mortgages to pay. And the FBI's involvement means it's NOT a small matter. That why they have public defenders. Good luck.

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