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Hi. I am a young adult (19) who got a red-light Ticket and I dont have a license. What can I do?

Santa Ana, CA |

It is very unnecessary to give a three way ticket but I got one for just making a right turn! Anyways I had a permit but it got expired. What is recommend because my dad's information is on the ticket and they are blaming my younger brother for him crossing the light. Yet, can I just pay the ticket because I don't want to have a bad record. If I cant do nothing what are the consequences?

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Attorney answers 3


Ask your dad to contact an attorney. There is a good chance it will be dismissed.

Andrew Roberts


Optimally you should hire an attorney. If that's not an option, you should demand a trial in front of a judge. In most counties, if you go to court without immediately admitting guilt, the court will offer a reduced fine or even a dismissal.


Hire a lawyer. Most likely, the case will be dismissed with the assistance of an attorney.