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HI, had Diagnostic Arthroscopy of the knee and now suffering with Femoral Nerve damge caused by a tourniquet they placed on me.?

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Have been going to therapy 2-3 times a week with very little progress. Have very little leg use due to weakness and been out of work since Feb 9. Used all my sick time and vacation time due to there error. Short term disabilty hasn't stated yet and that onlt 50 % of my pay. Now getting bills from my employer for medical , dental insurances cause it not getting paid from payroll. I have a family, morgage, one in college, etc. Please what options do I have to get some help/money to come in before I fall too far into a hole and loose everything..?

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Peroneal neuropathy caused by touriquet pressure is usually temporary. This doesn't mean that you don't suffer considerable inconvenience and expense in the interim. Nevertheless this is a published risk of the procedure. Nerve function should recover in six months to oone year. You should discuss with your md what kind of rehab you can do to minimize loss of muscle and maximize full joint mobility while recovering. There is of course the possibility that in your particular case there were actions taken by your surgeon or not taken by your surgeon which increased the probability of your suffering this injlury. Also the injury could have permanent consequencences. Whether you have a possible legal claim depends on the jurisdiction where you received care. Malpractice cases in all jurisdictions are time consuming and expensive. Each jurisdiction has statutes of limitations and some have statutes of repose which can bar yours rights if yoou do not act timely. Consult a malpractice lawyer in your local.

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