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Hi, I was pulled over by a police officer, I was on my bike, and was ticketed for wearing head phones and running a stop sign.

San Diego, CA |

I received a $405 ticket. I was asked to pay this ticket before going to court or doing anything else. I am thinking I will request a trial by written declaration, but don't know what to say. Can I simply say, "Not Guilty"?

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Entera written plea of Not Guilty. Also enter a written request to have the case set for trial. If you can get a judge rather than a magistrate do so. These forms should be available online from your state bar association. A better idea would be to hire a traffic ticket lawyer.

Daniel C Grupenhagen

Daniel C Grupenhagen


Normally I wouldn't care or say anything, but this procedure doesn't apply in san diego.


You can write not guilty, but that wouldn't assist the court very much. A TBD is good because it allows you to include hearsay, and two chances to have a trial. If the cop doesn't respond, you win. I agree that contacting a lawyer is better if you can. I suggest at least stating that you didn't commit the violation and if you aren't offering a defense then say as little as possible and admit nothing.

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You can, but you will likely lose. Hire a locally experienced criminal defense attorney to assist. Although they will likely charge you more than what the penalty for the ticket would be.

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I handle traffic matter in San Diego. Just writing not guilty will not get you a win if the officer replies. It would be best to speak with an attorney to see if you have a possible defense.

Mike Norton

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